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Cosmetic injectables offer a simple and convenient treatment to enhance the fullness and contour of your facial features. The dynamic fillers and wrinkle-relaxing injectables at our disposal have the ability to smooth creases and/or enhance volume without the downtime and invasiveness of facial plastic surgery. Our physician-led medical spa offers some of the most effective products to reverse common signs of age, whether you are seeking wrinkle reduction or cheek/lip augmentation.

BOTOX® Cosmetic & XEOMIN®

BOTOX® Cosmetic is among the most well-known and commonly utilized wrinkle-smoothing treatments available. Some of the most noticeable indicators of age are dynamic wrinkles, which are the fine lines that develop from the formation of facial expressions. BOTOX® Cosmetic acts as a neuromodulator that relaxes and softens overactive facial muscles upon injection. As a result, common expression lines such as crow’s feet, glabellar wrinkles (frown lines), brow creases, and perioral creases (lip lines) can be minimized or even eliminated. Considered safe for use and approved by the FDA, BOTOX® Cosmetic can provide results that last as long as three to six months. It can also be injected for medicinal purposes to improve excessive sweating, migraines, and jaw pain.

XEOMIN® is similarly composed of a highly purified neurotoxin designed to relax dynamic wrinkles. This injectable is a clinically-supported and FDA-approved frown line treatment, with most patients experiencing improvement in deep or severe glabellar lines for at least three months. Unlike other products, XEOMIN® is uniquely purified to eliminate unnecessary proteins during the manufacturing process.


Dermal fillers are specifically designed to fill creases and sunken areas of the face to help restore a patient’s youthful contours. JUVÉDERM®, VOLUMA®, and BELOTERO BALANCE® are all composed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps the skin retain moisture and hydration. As this key ingredient is produced by the body, an allergy test is not required before treatment. Each filler is optimized to target specific concerns:

  • JUVÉDERM®: JUVÉDERM® is a family of dermal fillers designed to improve nasolabial folds (smile lines), marionette lines, perioral wrinkles, and flat facial contours.
  • VOLUMA®: As a variation of JUVÉDERM®, VOLUMA® is the first dermal filler FDA-approved to treat mid-facial volume loss. This product can add volume and definition to the cheeks for natural-looking cheek augmentation.
  • BELOTERO BALANCE®: BELOTERO BALANCE® is a cohesive gel that can be ideal in treating nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and other moderate to severe creases. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with the underlying skin, allowing a natural-looking and almost immediate result.


RADIESSE® is a unique dermal filler that doubles as a collagen stimulator. In addition to providing almost-immediate volume enhancement, RADIESSE® can encourage your body to produce new collagen for longer-lasting rejuvenation. This filler is designed to smooth wrinkles and volume deficits in the lower face, as well as the hands. The formulation is made up of biocompatible calcium microspheres, which are metabolized by the body after injection so, eventually, all that remains is your natural collagen. Thanks to the increased collagen production yielded by RADIESSE®, results have been known to last for as long as one year!

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is the process by which growth factors in your own blood are isolated and purified to regenerate new, healthy cells. Injections of platelet-rich plasma can rejuvenate your facial features, as well as revitalize dormant hair follicles for the growth of thicker, fuller hair. Since this treatment utilizes your own blood, the outcome can often last longer than other cosmetic injectables.

During treatment, a small sample of blood is placed in a centrifuge that separates platelet-rich plasma from whole blood. An ultra-fine needle is then used to inject the PRP into areas of facial volume loss and/or depleted hair growth. The process takes approximately 15 minutes and there is no extensive downtime or anesthesia necessary, although a topical anesthetic can be applied before treatment if desired. The best results are usually seen with multiple PRP sessions spaced one month apart.

RHA® Collection by Revance® Aesthetics

The RHA® collection offers the first and only hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers FDA-approved to reduce dynamic wrinkles and creases, such as nasolabial folds. Unlike injectables that cause the face to look stiff and overdone, RHA® fillers are formulated with as little chemical modifications as possible to help mirror the molecular structure of your natural HA molecules. As a result, these innovative fillers are resilient and flexible enough to achieve natural-looking results regardless of whether your face is in motion or at rest.

The RHA® collection is only available at a few select aesthetic practices around the country, and SVIA MedSpa was specifically chosen by Revance® Aesthetics to carry RHA® fillers due to our reputation for providing superior patient outcomes. Individuals aged 22 and older can receive treatment with RHA® fillers, which often achieves results for 15 months or longer depending on the depth and location of each patient’s dynamic wrinkles.

QWO® Cellulite Reduction

QWOCellulite on the buttocks is an exceedingly common concern among women, with experts estimating as many as 9 out of 10 women will experience skin dimpling at some point in their lives. Now available at SVIA MedSpa, QWO® is the premier cellulite reduction treatment designed to visibly reduce the appearance of moderate to severe cellulite on the buttocks. QWO® is injected directly into cellulite on the backside, releasing enzymes called collagenases that are believed to target the structural causes of cellulite. These enzymes can loosen the fibrous connective bands that result in the formation of cellulite, while catalyzing new collagen growth and redistributing fat cells. The outcome can be a noticeably smoother skin tone and texture on the buttocks. 

QWO® works best through a series of three treatments performed three weeks apart, although your treatment plan may differ depending on your needs. Injections usually take as little as 10 minutes. While there is no recovery time necessary, the treatment site may appear red, swollen, or bruised immediately after treatment. Your medical provider will fully explain what you can expect with QWO® before, during, and after injections.

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