Say Hello to Non-Surgical Cellulite Reduction

Visible cellulite is an issue that plenty of our patients find themselves experiencing…but it absolutely doesn’t have to be a permanent fact of life. Any number of factors can cause the formation of cellulite, which is sometimes referred to as “cottage cheese thighs,” though it can show up in various places on the body. 

While the presence of cellulite doesn’t pose any kind of direct risk to your overall sense of health and well-being, it can still cause cosmetic concerns, which is why we offer the QWO cellulite reduction treatment at our Los Gatos and San Mateo medspa locations. To learn more, reach out and set up your consultation today.

Ideal Candidates for the QWO Treatment

The Silicon Valley Institute for Aesthetics sets itself apart by offering patients an exemplary level of care, thanks to a handpicked network of expert practitioners. You’ll have the ability to enjoy your treatments at our San Mateo or Los Gatos MedSpa locations, under the care of some of the most highly trained and extensively experienced practitioners available.

We’ll work with you to learn about your cosmetic goals, and will guide you to the treatment that is right for you and your aspirations. You’re likely to be a great candidate for QWO Cellulite Reduction treatments if you’re interested in the following benefits:

  • A quick and minimally-invasive treatment
  • A non-surgical solution to cellulite
  • Youthful, toned appearance
  • Minimal downtime and recovery
  • FDA-approved treatment
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How Does QWO Cellulite Reduction Work?

Not only is the QWO Cellulite Reduction treatment a highly effective way to address the presence of unwanted cellulite without any need for surgical intervention, but the procedure is impressively quick and easy…especially when considering the impressive results it creates. The QWO treatment will be injected carefully into the treatment area, where it will go to work dismantling the fibrous bands of fatty tissue that can grow thicker and thicker, eventually causing the formation of cellulite that is visible beneath the skin. QWO’s cellulite reduction treatment targets the collagen and fibrous bands that cause the formation of visible cellulite, breaking them apart in a way that smooths the appearance of your skin, so you can once more enjoy a toned and youthful look in the treatment area.

Enjoying Your Incredible Cosmetic Outcome

While our patients love the QWO Cellulite Reduction treatment for its ability to create impressive results, it is important to be aware that this treatment will not completely remove all traces of visible cellulite. During your consultation, your practitioner will help you understand exactly what you can expect in terms of your results from this treatment.

Most patients see their results beginning to take shape within two to three weeks after their first treatment session. When you’re ready to learn more about how the QWO Cellulite Reduction treatment can help you, simply reach out to our Los Gatos or San Mateo locations and set up your consultation with a helpful member of our team today.

SVIA Medspa Advanced Treatments. Impressive Results.

The Silicon Valley Institute for Aesthetics is much more than your typical MedSpa. By carefully selecting a network of the most impressively experienced practitioners available, SVIA is able to offer you a level of care that frequently exceeds the expectations our patients bring with them when they come through our doors.

We offer a wide variety of minimally invasive and non-surgical solutions, enabling you to both look and feel better than you’ve felt in years, without having to deal with any frustrating downtime or lengthy recovery period. Here at SVIA, we’re committed to your beauty.

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